The Diary of Me
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2002-11-25 17:52:34 (UTC)

First Entry ever Lol,

I guess this is my first entry ever Well, in this online
diary anyway. Phew, wht have i got to say. Well, i think
there's sumet really rong wit bein 13. All this yr i hav
had THE WORST LUCK EVER Probably 2 do wit 13 being an
odd, unlucky number. Well, the reason i think i hav bad
luck is:
1. My best mate totally turned against me and became well
almost an enemy. She started hanging around wit this other
girl and everytime i c them togetha i can't help feel
really jealous. I don't blame myself b/c wudn't u if the
person u really cared a bout suddenly turned on u like dt?
2. My mum and dad split nd things started getting better
then after i hd turned 13 they went downhill and there's
been money problems, things to do with the house nd mum and
dd not getting along.
3. School stinks, i didn't used to hate it so much, i used
to hate it but now every morning i REALLY dread going, its
like im about to go for an injection (i hve a fear of
4. Loads of little things keep going rong like i sumhow
poured boiling hot water all over my chin and now i have
blisters there. On my chin the worst place ever
5. I cannot seem to get on with my sisters at all.
however much i try to be nice they just act proper cocky or
be cheeky to me and it REALLY ANNOYS ME and i hate them so
much I'm gonna end up doin sumet i regret...
6. I'm lways tired and really shy and have a really low
self esteem. Once i get to know sumone i'm okay but if my
m8 is introducing me 2 group of her m8s, i get soooooooooo
shy and go bright red. Its horrible. I hate myself for
7. Every since KATIE GUEST came along i have lost all my
mates. She acts so innocent but dya no wen u c sum1 and u
just no there's sumtin fake about them, well that's what
katie is toallt fake Leah, Dom nd even Hannh who sed she
wud neva go off with Katie have left me. And they lways do
stuff togetha. i have 1 m8 at skool now caleld jenny. how
sad is tht? I hate myself
8. i'm ugly not bonny at all, don't ever hve any lads
trailing after me askin 2 go out with me, not even 1 I
have a crap personality. GRRRRRR I HTE ME
9. The A on this keyboard ain't workin rite and its

10 things i can't wait to happen
1. My blisters to bog off.
2. My mum to cheer up bit.
3. My dad to get a house.(he's livin wit his mum)
4. More great mates to come along.
5. A really great boyfriend to come along.
6. Till i get to go to the gym wen im 14 so i can work out.
7. Till i develope lods of great CONFIDENCE
8. Till i get great figure, great tan, great life...
9. I start to do well in school
10. i can wear contacts.
I'll tell you when i get any of these soon.
So, dint do much tody. by the wy, want to hear sum of the
songs i rote. im in band you c and i rite rubbish songs
but im working on it, o yea i need to add that to my list,
lol. I'll just go get my book... rite i'm back.
So i wrote most of these when i was bout 9 or sumet like


i've got a secret hidden from you,
Not gonna tell you what i been going through
it's been going on all of this time
Harrsing me and making me feel so down

i would tell you sure if you'd understand (oh yeah)
Maybe i could but i know you'd scream and shout

Cos i'm crying in my hed wanting you to know the truth boy
i still love you with all my heart
even if i told ya
I would even hurt y
nd you know i never ever wnt that to hppen

I once hd secret hidden from you
but i told you what i ws going through
now i've been stupid and you've gone away
Why did i tell you cuz you're never coming back


where oh where (uh uh uh)
where oh where (uh uh)

where oh where do lovehearts come from x2

Do they fall from the stars up above and land on a boy and
girl (maybe)
Do they, sprout from a seed and grow into a loveheart tree
I dont know cuz i've nver falen in love before.

So ill sing my song yes ill sing my song im gonna sing my
song yes ill sing my song it goes.

where oh where do lovehearts come from x2

I wish i new cuz it seems its importnt to me
now i know cuz i've seen that boy from a cross the street
it just comes and your hart starts skipping a beat.

repeat so ill sing my song...

where oh where do lovehearts come from x6 until fade.

I can't be bothered to write no more so ill write the rest
of the songs in l8, over time. i gtg and practise guitar
nd do homework. See you
Ps i bet uv noticed the A ain't working

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