Life as I know it.
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2001-08-21 19:45:40 (UTC)

everybody's gotta have fun under the sun

SO yesterday lets see what happened?

Well yesterday was officially the week before school starts
so thats gonna be weird...I miss school a lot. Not doing
school work, but just the atmosphere of it all.

I also found out refund check should be here tomorrow...i
will be having some fun definately before school starts.

Chilled with Heather and Jay most of the day yesterday, got
stoned, dude from downstairs came up (guy heather is madly
in love with) so that was all kinds of cute...I miss having
like major crushes (besides my neighbors cause the novelty
has worn off). Like highschool crushes for instance, those
are so great I miss being nervous and all kinds of
shit...its like i really cant be nervous around guys that
much anymore, cause they are all my friends. Blah that
kinda sucks soemtimes but not at others.

Also watched mallrats, tres excellent movie, so okay ive
seen it hundreds and hundreds of times, but it just doesnt
get old.

Talked to Matt yesterday, actually I spent the night. No
sex. It was cool, odd but cool. I mean, I am over him,
last night proved it, something was just, I do not even
know how to explain it, but its cool. I think I finally
just see him as a friend.

This summer has been insane. But I wouldnt trade anything
from it for all the cash in the world, its a true growing
experience...trust me. Not in the stuff I did, but in the
stuff I found out, how my friends really are great people
who are tehre when i need them...how sometimes nothing is
better than just laying around getting stoned and watching
soap operas, that actually hanging out with my mom is cool
and how I now feel that I can talk to her about almost
anything is totally awsome. How Heather and I bonded so
fast and havent fought, how me and Kristin still are
friends eventho we only see eachother once a week. How for
the first time in my life Im talking to an ex still. I was
in a fucking movie, i started writing a book i mean thats
awsome. I went out with a supremely hot male, and learned
that I can live off of basically nothing. cash wise and
food wise. I did a lot of thinking this summer, had a lot
of fun, and i think i finally figured out something--that
life has its ups and downs, just go with the flow and in
the end, everything will just work itself out. So I guess
finally, my life might be on this great up--I mean Im
almost done with shcool, im getting money soon, i think i
might actually have a job, my friends are all coming back
and living insanely close to me...its just gonna be a great