Mysterious Attitude
2001-08-21 19:24:00 (UTC)

Monday Aug. 20,2001

*Time: 2:14pm on Tuesday
*Wearing: My black hustler shirt and my black tight pants
*Jewelry: tha usual
*Hair: messy and down
*Listenin to : the traffic coming from outside
*Eating/Drinkin: just ate an sandwich/ bout to get sum pop
*Song of the day : Don't Want U Back- BSB
*Weather: It was sorta cool outside on Monday
*Talking to : no one
*Mood: happy
*Thinking: Whoa... I think it was a full moon outside last
night or sumthing cuz everyone was acting sorta odd...

Umm... after I wrote Sundays entry I went to grams house
for a few minutes then took a shower and got ready... then
after we all got ready we left to go and take Jr to the
doctor... while me and gram where waiting for him to get
done we got sumthing to eat and met up with Renee and
Joe... then we headed back to the doctor office... and
talked and waited for Jr... ohh yeah on the way there
Andtia had paged me so I called her back and we talked for
a few minutes... I was supposed to call her when I got home
but I forgot to... lol opps.... hehe I also saw like 2
football teams hehe yay baby!! When Jr got out of the
doctors office we went to the post office and then went to
see my mom at her work.... then we headed home and I
planted my butt at my computer chair for the next few
hours... I read my mail,talked to people, looked at sites U
know things I always do online... and guess who Imed me...
that dude that had called me a "fat ugly bitch" he was
saying he was sorry that he was drunk that night and didn't
mean what he said... I was like uh huh whatever and I was
being a total bitch to him... he was like what is your
problem? All I said was... well u hurt my feelings and so
now I'm going to be like this... I'm sorry but U don't
understand... well he said he was sorry again... and I was
like ok.... Why in the hell do all these people who say
shit bout me tell me that they r sorry the next day? I mean
damn what r they smoking cuz I want to get me sum of it!!
lol that makes 2 people within the last 2 days that told me
they were sorry for saying what they did to me... but I
hope they know that I cut myself over there harsh and
hurtful words...and its sorta hard to forgive them u know
what I mean? Anyway later that night I talked to Lou and he
wanted to meet me... but I told him no again... I really
want to meet him but I guess I'm afraid to... but I'm going
to meet him sumday soon... like before school starts I just
don't know when.... well anywho I got offline at bout 12am
and I went to grams watched sum tv... read a R.L Stine
(sp??) book called Creature Teacher... and went to bed at
bout 3am... and thats all that happended so I'm going to
dip... bye peace and be wild!!!