The Wait For True Love
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2002-11-25 07:37:26 (UTC)

The "game"... turkey day... high times... manless:-(

So yeah, the terps had a football game against virginia last
saturday. only the terps didn't show up. it was just a bunch
of guys in terp uniform. at least thats what it seemed like
or actually what i wished had really happened. that was
definately not one of our best games. not at all. i'd like
to believe that the terps let virginia because they have a
preference of what bowl game they wanna go to. yeah thats
it that would explain things cuz they weren't even
trying to play a good game so that must be the only
explanation. i know my terps are a better team than what
they showed last saturday so i still love them (cuz a lot of
them are HOT) and we're still going to a bowl game.

well, just a few more days till turkey day. and im
soooooooooo ready. not only could i use a break from the
dorm, but i'll finally have a home cooked meal. yeah i feel
like i've been eating out for the last 3 months. yeah it
taste good but gosh damn it gets old so yay for turkey and
all that other stuff grandmothers make:-)

i was just talking to my friend and he was totally high.
i've never been the person in the bunch that was sober or
not high or whatever so i just realized how much it sucks to
be that person. cuz he was saying some stupid ass shit and
it was so annoying. but i know if i were high i would've
just laughed my ass off. cuz everything in the world is so
right when you're high. boy i can't wait to talk to my
friend tomorrow to tell him how dumb he was tonight. thats
something to look forward to right?

in case you're trying to keep up with my love/sex life, you
should stop trying. cuz of course i still have no man. just
thought i'd remind you