Mr X

secrets of a sex mad teenager
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2001-08-21 19:08:30 (UTC)

My Mothers bombshell!

My name is Juan and I am writing this Diary to let my
feelings out and at the moment I have a lot of mixed
My parents told me that they needed to have a chat and
we sat down in the kitchen and told me...that they are
getting a divorce well I had really expected it all them 2
ever did was constantly argue but that wasn't the worst
news! My Mother had some more news she said "well while we
are all together I've got some news For some time I have
been dening my true feelings but I just couldn't I..I am a
Lesbian" I couldn't say anything my Mother was just
looking at me then I ran to the bathroom and was actually
sick! Then I locked myself in my bedroom and I amwriting

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