Katie & Kora

Kinky Chronicles
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2002-11-25 07:29:04 (UTC)

When I Told You.... (Poem)

When I told you that I loved you
And you really thought I cared..
I wasn't being honest
I said it when I was scared.

When I told you that I missed you,
I was talking to someone else,
I imagined you were a different guy,
Like I was under crazy spells.

When I told you that I needed you,
I meant I needed you to leave,
I still missed my first love
And I needed time to grieve.

When I told you you meant the world to me,
I wasn't being true,
You could have meant more to me,
If you weren't really you.

When I told you you couldn't be replaced,
It might have been a lie,
Although he wouldn't be just like you,
I'd find some other guy.

When I told you I couldn't live without you,
I forgot to add the word "leaving",
I couldn't stand another day with you
But I wouldn't stop believing.

I thought one day I'd miss you,
But I didn't have a clue,
I thought I'd end up miserable,
But I'm better off without you.