All About Toria
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2001-08-21 19:05:20 (UTC)

Damn The Schools Now-a-days...

So I woke up today feeling pissed as fuck. Everybody kept
calling on my line, ya know why? Cuz my stupid fucking mom
turns her ringer off when Rons around so he won't pick up
the phone if one of her boyfriends call. I turned that
fucker back on tho.

I was chilling on the comp right and my phone rang, I went
upstairs and heard my mom talking. Yeah it was the school.

Last year I didn't go, shit happened and I fucked up. But I
did go to Summer School. But now their saying a bunch of
bullshit about if Im absent I have to pay $25.00 a day.
What the fuck is that? I have been being absent so many
days of school and they expect me to come back fucking

I haven't gotten perfect attence EVER! I can't beleive
this. What if I'm sick? I have to pay!? Fuck I'll go to
school and get every mother fucker in there sick too!


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