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2001-08-21 19:02:40 (UTC)

open fire

Aug 21, 2001

I went to Sara's party last night. Im glad I decided to. I
had a good time. It turns out her place isnt as far as I
thought... pretty cool.

Well, tomorrow I am off to Toronto for a few days with Ned,
Curt and Bryan. Im already packed and so excited! I think I
packed to much though! Oh well, we are taking the van so
there will be plenty of room for my junk. Im sure they will
have tons too. The hotel is confirmed, we have maps, concert
tickets... we are all set! Im anxiety free!!

Yesterday I had another fire with Lyndsay in the middle of
the lake. It was a fairly big one this time. I ate a
marshmallow. Im so dissapointed in myself. It was the first
product derived from animals that I have had all month.
damn, no willpower! Well, actually it was only half a
marshmallow! but still... :(

Dad got a big flood light for down at the dock. Very cool, I
can go swimming tonight! hehe. Im bored. Lyndsay went away
for the day... I have so much fun with her.

Well, I guess this will be my last entery until I get back.
Unless something horrible happens tonight and I have to
vent.. until next time!