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2002-11-25 05:43:08 (UTC)



...and so it's sunday night as i write this and i don't
even know where to begin... to el convento rico at midnight...the poor
argentinian waited for me outside the club for almost half
an hour freezing her ass off...but alas i arrived and we
were escorted in...

...picture the El Convento walk in and are
greeted with a huge poster showcasing twelve drag queens
for each month with a crown on their heads...its for the
Miss El Convento Rico walk down the stairs
flanked by disco balls and head under the famous Marilyn
Monroe Warhol picture...there's a lady there that sells
beef or veggie empanadas for a buck fifty...the heat is the
first thing that hits see a mass array of people
of all ages and all types...the music is blaring anything
from house to disco to hip hop to spanish to cyndi lauper... me and Jo make our rounds and scope out the
place...we find hot guys and hot girls so we figure we have
a challenge ahead of us...we hide our coats underneath a
chair and off we go on our merry way...we get drinks and
head to the dance floor...

...but we're interrupted by the drag queen show...they make
a circle on the dancefloor and the people in front are
instructed to sit so everyone else can see...three drag
queens come out one by one and dance to a different
song...the crowd loves it...'s over and me and Jo make our second rounds...we
drink more and dance more...after awhile with nothing
happening she decides she's going to start grabbing as we walk around she grabs everyone's ass and we
both laugh...she steals drinks off tables the entire night
and drinks from them...i'd rather buy them... then there was the spanish dude...we're dancing and
bitching about the fact that we're not picking up anyone
when an extremely gorgeous spanish man with spanish rhythm
comes dancing beside us...Jo overhears him tell his friend
that he thinks I'm cute...she tells me this and starts to
push me into him...I tell her to's too
obvious...more subtle...yeah subtle is i'm
dancing beside gyrating and moving and he moves in closer
and i feel his bodyheat...i start to smile...he starts to
move his body into mine and we're almost dancing
together...his ass is rubbing up against me...but i don't
make any more moves on him...for some reason i froze...i
can't do this i thought to myself...and so after some time
he leaves thinking i'm not interested..Jo's comes up to me
and is like what was that why didn't you dance with him...i
don't know i thought...she said you know what you don't
want don't want to get laid you don't want to
pick up people at a club you want a relationship...if i
wanted to really get laid i could've but i didn't...i
thought she made so much sense...

...and so we danced and tried to make eye contact with the
spanish man after but it was useless...i don't think it
even bothered me after...

...we go to dominion to buy food...i buy a banana and she
buys a kinder egg...then we're off to chinatown... 4 in the morning we get to chinatown and find a
restaurant...we order rice, noodles and deepfriend tofu and
sit there and talk till 6:15 about life, and people and all
that fun stuff...we ate all the food save a handful of
rice...i dropped her off and drove my ass home... now after that, I'm, I don't know, okay with
being my non-existent love life...i just gotta stop looking
because it's just going to come naturally...i hope it
does...if not there's always next weekend...


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