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2001-08-21 18:51:06 (UTC)


well yesterday would have been my aniversary yep another
month, the funny thing is we were supposed to break up on
that day. ok like on the 19th i told him ill see you
tomorrow and i will give you your necklace and everything
else then he goes fine.. so the 20th i dont call him or see
him. i dont know why but i just didnt call him i know thats
what he wants. i am going to call him whenever im at papi's
house. so then yesterday since its my sisters birthday also
we had a little party i celebrated by getting drunk. i
called my friend adrian and i was like come over. so he
does. im already half drunk when he came then we were
talking. he gave me advice on what to do. he basically said
your to good for him and your young you dont need to be in
a seriouse relationship now have fun your teen years go by
fast so enjoy then while you can. so then like were all
drinking. my mom her cousin mildred and my aunt are all
drunk too its so funny ( my mom is 33, mildred is in her
20's and my aunt is 18..adrian is 17) so then time for cake
ok this is where the fun starts. food fight. there was ice
cream cake everywhere. all our faces were green and blue.
that went on for like 20min we recorded everything. so we
all had about in total i think well i know i had 7shots of
this dominican rum then we drank out of the bottle. but it
was so funny. we all go down to the basment and we were
acting stupid i fell 2 times yasmin did she sat in the
closer with the light off we threw our selves on the floor
and just acting stupid. it was so funny. i dont really
remeber everything excatly but anyway im getting off im
gonna call adrian and see what the hell im doing today
school starts in 3 weeks so im going to enjoy my time
single and enjoy my summer. but i still love him but its
the only thing that seems right to me. i mean like we have
been threw EVERYTHING together and just to let all thoes
things go its hard, im gonna miss him so much and i will
still care for him no matter what he is such a great guy
and i love him still. but im gonna go byebye.. im gonna
have fun tonight anyway oh yea im seeing a male stripper
again for the second time cuz the first time was april 8th
i saw kasinova for my cousin jenny's bachlorette party now
its my cousin raquels turn they are having this italian
joey dean i saw his picture he is HOT! well g2g BYE!