Thoughts to Share
2002-11-25 05:05:41 (UTC)

bare walls.....

Since Ash & I decided that this weekend we should pack some
things up...we figured, Sunday afternoon was a good time to
start. She managed to pack up more than I did...but we
took everything off the walls, and our closet doors. It's
kinda sad in here. I haven't started packing my pictures
up yet....b/c you know...I only have 5,000. This week
though, well, tomorrow...I should pack up some things to
take home that I don't really need here, or can do without
@ the apartment for a while. It is a bit sad leaving
though. I'm gonna miss my Jamie. *sniff* But she knows
she can come over & we'll visit our lil Jamie too. :-)
This weekend....I saw Christmas lights. :-) Ash, Jamie,
Rebecca, Tina & I drove to Alltel Pavilion to see the
Celebration of Lights. (I had to ask Ashley like 10 times
what it was called b/c I kept wanting to call it Festival
of Lights...you know..like the Adam Sandler song.) The
absolute best part was a cactus...with a star on top & a
bow around it. I LOVED it I need 1 of those. :-) We
all had a blast though.
No class until 10 tomorrow. Do you know how exciting that
is? After a whole semester of having 8:00 classes every
day, sleeping in will be SO nice. Sleeping a little later,
and going to eat brkfst with my boy. :-D