2002-11-25 04:01:49 (UTC)

the boss

i made a bruce cd this morning, well this afternoon, around
1230 when i got home from atlantic city. i wanted to go for
a walk and i wanted to listen to Bruce so i made this CD

there are really only a handful of musicians/bands whose
songs you can count on to relate to at all times in your
life. there is always a corresponding song that will help
you through whatever it is going on. these artists end up
with this comprehensive body of work because they write all
throughout their lives. write this music.

what i am trying to say is , that there are Bruce songs
that are perfect for every mood, every feeling, every
thought. ok, maybe not every, but enough

so i thought maybe theres significance in the songs i put
on the cd. i dont know if there is. i just putwhat i felt
like listening to that was available to be burned.

#1- "all that heaven will allow" (i got a dollar in my
pocket, ain't no cloud up above... i want all the time,
all that heaven will allow

#2- "brilliant disgiuse" (so when you look at me, you
better look hard and look twice... i wanna read your mind
and know just what i got in this new thing i found... God
have mercy on the man who doubts what he's sure of (always
loved that line... )

#3- "i'm on fire" (i wanna take you higher... sometimes
its like someone took a knife, baby, edgy and dull and cut
a six inch valley through the middle of my skull... at
night i wake up with the sheets soakin wet with a freight
train runnin through the middle of my head...

#4 "no surrender" (when our young faces grow sad and old
and hearts of fire grow cold, we swore blood brothers
against the wind now i am ready to grow young again, no
retreat, no surrender... with a wide open country in our
hearts, these romantic ideas in our heads...)

#5 "thunderoad" (with a chance to make it good somehow,
what else can we do now? except roll down the window and
let the wind blow back your hair... the nights busted open
and these two lanes will take us anywhere...)

#6 "my hometown" (I'd sit on his lap, in a big old buick,
and steer as we drove through town, he'd tassle my hair and
say son, take a good look around- this is your hometown)

#7 "born to run" (chrome wheeled fuel injected... gotta
get out while we're young... tramps like us... let me in...
i'm just as scared and lonely... wanna know if love is
wild, if love is real can you show me? comb their hair in
rearview mirrors... we'll live with the sadness... someday
girl, i dont know when, we'll get to that place we really
wanna go and we'll walk in the sun, BUT TILL THEN )

#8 "darlingtown county" ( we drove down from new york
city... 800 miles... what else are we gonna do?)

#9 "tunnel of love" (fat man sitting on a little
stool...when the lights go out its the three of us you me
and all that stuff we're so scared of... outta be easy...
man meets woman and they fall in love... im laughing at you
your laughing at me room of shadows that gets so dark easy
for two people to lose eachother gotta learn to live with
what you can;t rise above if you wanna ride...

#10 "the promised land" ( utah desert... driven all night
chasin some mirage... if i could take one moment into my
hands... explode ... cut this pain from my heart... twister
blowin everything down... blow away dreams that tear you
apart, lies that leave you nuthin but lost and broken
hearted... i believe in the promised land

#11 "backstreets" (piano, piano. piano... tried to walk
like the heroes we thought we were meant to be... set us
loose from everything... find out we are just like all the
rest, stranded in the dark, and forced to confess... till
the end... hiding on the backstreets)

#12 "growin up" (stood stone like... suspended in my
masquerade... walked on a crooked crutch... strolled all
alone through a fallout zone and came out with my soul
untouched... when they said sit down, i stood up....never
once gave thought to landing... feet finally took root in
the earth but i got me a little place in the stars, and i
swear i found the key to the universe in the engine of an
old parked car...)

#13 "rosalita" (My tires were slashed and I almost crashed
but the Lord had mercy my machine she's a dud out stuck in
the mud somewhere in the swamps of Jersey... There's a
little cafe where they play guitars all night and day
You can hear them in the back room strummin'

#14 "atlantic city" (everything dies... everything that
dies someday comes back... put your make up on, fix your
hair up pretty meet me tonight in atlantic city)

#15 "fire" (say you don't like it, girl i know you're a
liar, cause when we kiss.... fiiiree)

i dont know...