Finding my Light
2002-11-25 03:54:08 (UTC)

My Future

Okay I know the man I will marry when I'm older lol
Yes I know that may sound wierd, but I found him and he
happens to be a guy I've been friends with for quite a
while. He's my friend Blake. This surprises me too, but I
can explain it. I hope this makes sense.
Okay I've known Blake for a LONG while. He's funny,
sweet, crazy, cute, and very flirty. Our personalities
mesh so well and I hate knowing I have to restrick myself
from him. I have to make sure I play this just right so
when I want him, I can get him.
I spent the night last night at his house (his mom is
best friends with my mom). I was so-o much fun. His older
brother Wesley, his friend Chris, him, and I chilled wih
each other almost the whole night. Him and I flirt so-o
much with each other. I love every minute of it too. I
think he might be attracted to me also because when we hug,
we hug for such a long time and I can tell he enjoys it.
Maybe as much as I do? Anyway though, yeah I want him.
There is a problem though. Blake's brother, Wesley,
might get hurt because I'm not sure if he still likes me or
not. I don't believe he does, but I'm not sure. I love
him to death, but I see him as a big borther. Oh well I
guess. I know I could happy with Blake. Lets just see how
things turn out...