My Mind
2001-08-21 16:04:37 (UTC)

doing good

well today im doing better still cant laugh or cough and as
far as going to the bathroom well i can piss and thats
about it i hate being injured and im not too happy about
being down all the time. this diary is really a big help
though i really needed to get these thoughts out of my head
before they became too much and flew over causing a break
down:)well i am getting better mind wise though cause i had
a wonderful time with my husband and son last night we
watched a really good movie together and ate dinner in the
living room:) i cant wait till im able to sleep in the bed
again the couch is really killing me im so lonely but if i
try to lay down i still cant breathe so i have to stay on
the couch til my lung is better and im able to lay down
again. well at least some things are getting better.