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2002-11-25 02:21:04 (UTC)


same as last entry...wrote this saturday afternoon and
typed it today...

...well today is eventful...we held auditions for my
friends film and it went good...we had two actors from
queer as folk scheduled to come in but they neglected to
show up...damn gay men...but we did find one really good
actor so the day was worthwhile...after the auditions went
to lisa's work to sync more video with audio for my
film...our audio is TERRIBLE...surprisingly i'm not upset
though...since our film does look like a really bad episode
of three's company i think the bad audio might work for us
believe it or not...strange how things happen...anyways did
that and came home to get ready for RICO's... tonight me and the argentinian named Jo are making a
night out on the town...we're going to El Convento Rico
which is this absolutely weird club...its a gay/straight
spanish drag queen club that attracts so many straight
people it's not even funny...i think that's quite
interesting now how open people have makes for
quite a night i promise...

...we've said all week that tonight we're aiming to hook up
with someone and finally end our lonely reign and meet the
person we're going to spend the rest of our lives
with...ha...we're so delusional...i think going out with
expectaions like this is what fucks everything up for
us...i refuse to be let down this evening and tomorrow when
i write in this diary i better have something phenomenal to
write about...

...or else i'll be really pissed off