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2002-11-25 02:01:32 (UTC)


note to the diary readers...this passage and the next one
were written out on paper first and then typed today...i
didn't have access to my computer for two days but i do

so it's friday and i'm extremely anxious to go out this editor and friend the delectable lisa-marie
(named after the famous presley daughter) began to sync jup
our film with our that won't be as interesting
to some as it is to me but it is...anyways we went and did
that and decided to have a little mini-party at her humble
abode afterwards...we were only a handful of people and we
drank and smoked and drank some more...we decided that it
would be fun if we went to jilly's and look at strippers...

now jilly's has FEMALE strippers and with me being gay and
all I still wanted to go and make the best of it...have to
say the girls that danced with the exception of one, all
sucked...they don't look like they wanna be up there
stripping and they look so bored...each new girl that went
up i kept thinking to myself if they were on drugs or
what...not a very good thought but it kept plaguing me...i
actually got hasseled by some bodyguard or what because he
thought i was really drunk and underage...there was a day
where i would have said dude i can buy and sell this place
so kiss it...but i didn' guy we were with got
hasseled by an older stripper...she licked his ear and
wanted to give him a lap dance but he refused...she called
him jewish and stormed was quite sad...

...lisa later told me that that guy who refused the lap
dance might be gay...she doesn't know for sure but she
keeps getting hints from him...he's almost 30 and if he is
gay then that sucks for him...i know what it's like to be
in the closet but there's not much i or she can
just gotta be patient... so that's what happened today...didn't meet anyone or
do anything out of the ordinary...didn't save the world or
join greenpeace...but tomorrow is el convento rico night
and i am excited beyond words...

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