Scenes from a Marriage
2001-08-21 15:27:24 (UTC)

Tuesday, August 21st

Today is 8 days away from his 32nd birthday, I have made
plans for the Friday after his birthday since it is on a
weeknight. Dinner and a comedy club that he has been
wanting to go to. Of course, all these plans are able to
be cancelled if the test comes back. Yesterday made 4
weeks, but we didn't hear anything, I don't know if the 4
weeks meant that is when they would mail the results or
what exactly. The lawyer said he would let him know ASAP,
when he got word. I guess it will be sometime this week!

We have 2 hockey players staying with us and they are
opposite ends of the spectrum. Adam is 18 and a social
butterfly, I think we have seen him maybe 2 hours since he
got here on Thursday and then Joe is 20 quiet as a mouse
and just a hang around the house kind of guy. They are
both very nice, but I am not sure if both are going to stay
they said that the room they are sharing is kind of small,
but then again neither of them is hardly there. I went to
the store last night and Adam asked for Gatorade, but that
is all they wanted. Then about 9:00 pm they went and had
peanut butter and jelly sandwiches---it was funny because
they had both eaten dinner earlier. But, they said they
were afraid to eat this morning again, because they all had
yesterday and they all go sick while at practice.

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