Soul Searcher
2001-08-21 14:38:37 (UTC)

Today the new saga!!!

So I am thinking to myself last night, " I told Josh I
would call him, but I am just going to be pissed if he is
not there, so should I call him?". Well anyway I did and
of course he wasn't home. He was out at a friends watching
a movie. That may seem so harmless, but to me it's not. I
mean, what is so hard about staying home?If I come home he
is just still going to want to be out all the time with his

So, he calls me today to apoligize.Do you have any idea how
many apologies I have gotten for him for doing something
stupid in the last few weeks? Like a million!

Why doesn't he just stop going out? I mean it's not like
he just forgets everyday that the reason we are sperated is
because he just can't stop going out.

I mean Geez!! Who is the idiot here at this point? Me or
him? I'm guessing me, because hello, obviously he just
doesn't give a shit. He is just going to keep going out
and then apologizing for it and I will be stupid enough to
accept his apologies everytime. I will just keep thinking
to myself, "Atleast he is showing remorse."

That is not remorse, it's BULLSHIT!!!!

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