beccas diary
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2002-11-25 00:35:11 (UTC)

this is for like a long time....

well....where to start...lets go back to last friday night
and eva and traci spent the night at my house, and curtis
and will and micheal came over and we were soo cool....we
hung and out and traci had a horrible experience with the
woods and dogs, and then my mom took the guys home and
then traci and eva had a pizza ight and traci got pizza in
her eye.
now we go to last week.....well on monday nothing really
happened...in gym class we had a bball tourney and i was
on isaacs team n it was like just the 2 of us and we like
won but then we lost and on tuesday and wednesday we
finish the tourney and then we didnt do nothin...and
thursday we hadd book day and i gave isaac a massage for
like the whole class and we took some mad pictures.
and on friday we sat in a big circle on the gym floor and
wegave each other back massages and then i came home from
swimming rented movies nad went to bed on the couch...
then on saturaday....wow were do i begin....i woke up at
like og gosh maybe like 9 30 and then i went to shannons
at like 1 and then we were going to go to the movies but
course we didnt so we just like tried to get something to
do and then the neighbors camme to the window and we
talked for like 5mintues and then we went down and talked
to them for about 2 hours and then at like 330 shannon
went inside and me and chantal went to their house and
chilled in tylers room for like another 2 hours and we
called shannnon and she saidwe had to behome so we came
home and i had to sleep on the floor bc shannon and
chantal we takin up the bed and used a bean bag for a
pillow and a robe for a blanket and then at like 8 my mom
came and got me an di slept on the couch until like 130
and then at 4 i wet back to shannons and we walked to
circle k and to tylers house and then i left and here i am
now typin this to you all..........well now that everyone
if cought up on my life i will bounce out...
lotz o love
bartender becca

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