A Day in the Life
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2002-11-24 23:38:25 (UTC)

Part Two

Well, tomorrow turned out to be a little later than
expected. So where'd I leave off, oh yeah, the grad party.
After she came back from vacation, we had a talk. She
denied ever saying she had feelings for me, in fact, her
exact words were she was "confused". I wonder if she
was confused when she said "when we break up".
Anyhoo, I figured I'm sorta her friend, and she's leaving
anyway (eventually I learned her whole family was
moving back to Ohio), so I just gave up. I said I was
happy for her, I wondered if I was just lying to myself.
Well, I was. I wanted to say something to her before
she left for Pittsburgh, but her mother is a giant b*tch
(no really, she is), so no one got to see her before she
left. I gave her my e-mail, asked her to write back when
she got settled.
She didn't. For some reason I feared the worst. But
through some connections I found her IM name. She
said she was sick and trying to get rid of some stress
in her life. She told me I put stress on her relationship
with her boyfriend. Yeah, fine, but then I did something I
probably shouldn't have done. But, and this is "N"'s
theory, if everything happens for a reason, then I did
this for a reason.
I sent a tasteless joke (while intoxicated) to her, and
it had her name on it. Well, she sent me this whole
feminist e-mail, saying it was "degrading to women,
totally immature," and another word I can't remember.
Now this is funny, considering how this is a person
who said she would "have sex with the Pope" and also
says "I was the party favor at the party I went to" THEN
says "why do people call me a slut?" She's the one
who degrades women all by herself. Then I
remembered that she made every injury or sickness
she had more serious than it seemed, and now I think
that she's just totally stressed out and not the least bit
sick. I realized she is totally selfish and when we did
stuff together, it was ALWAYS about her. Oh yeah, she
told me it wasn't her boyfriends age that she liked, but
get this: He was supposed to take her to Six Flags for
her birthday, but he decided to spend time with his
friends at a cabin. Now get this, SHE THOUGHT IT
FRONT OF ME How disillusioned can a person be
How far in space does a person have to be So what
I'm saying is that Pittsburgh or not, I would have
dumped her. So you ask, why bother writing this?
Because I want to let it all out. I want to know what my
friends think. I want to know what her friends think. I
want her boyfriend to read this most of all. Because I
want him to know what his girlfriends like (believe me, I
got people to back me up on this info). I want to tell him
he's a f*cking loser, and even if he wanted to cheat on
her, he probably couldn't get any anyway. If he wants a
piece of me, he should come now, cuz I aint't been to a
gym in two weeks cuz I have a REAL INJURY. Just
e-mail me and I'll be right here when you want me.
Well, I feel better now. This journal stuff may just be
the thing I need. Out.