Day to Day
2001-08-21 13:58:29 (UTC)

I'm Scared

I think I can finally say that I'm having one of those life
revelations or rebirths or whatever. Or at least I'm
trying. Lately I've realized that how my life was before
wasn't exactly the best for ME. That's my realization, that
I've never done nething for myself. I mean I always worry
about everyone else and what they think and if they're
happy and I'm tired of it. I mean I want to be happy too,
There is one part of my life that I don't want to lose, but
I think I already have. Jeff and me havn't talked forever.
Last night the only acknowledgement I got was a hand shake.
It's bullshit. I love him to death and he was my best
friend. I trusted him more than neone and I would have done
nething for him but I give up.