Fallen from grace

One day at a time...
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2001-08-21 13:53:00 (UTC)


Yucky! I have to go to the dentist today. I haven't been
there in about 9 months because during my last appointment
I was sick so I couldn't go, plus my parents just switched
me from the one in that big city to the one in this little
town. We had orientation last night. I got my schedule!
First quarter's hard:
Choir SH--Miller
History Skinny--Jensch (heard you can BS your way through
all the tests! yay!!)
Integrated math 2-1--Schulte (yikes!)
We have to take the 10th grade math stuff because we did
the Freshman stuff last year...but we didn't get through
all of it which is bad. 2nd Qtr. the first three are the
same but things get a little easier because I have Teen
Decisions which is a total bore where you just sit and
listen to her talk. Last qtr. is nice because I have Intro
to Ag, PE, and Spanish. The Spanish is the same stuff we
learned last year so that will be good. It's better to
have an easy end of the year I suppose when you're winding
down for the summer. I should clean my room today...I was
supposed to yesterday...I have to have it done by Saturday
or I can't go shopping. Well, I'm done!