life styles of the rich and famous
2002-11-24 22:50:15 (UTC)


man its just one of those days when you don't
wana wake up everything is fucked everybody sucks you
don't really know why but you wana justify ripping
someones head of no human contact and if
you ....something.... your life is on contract. your best
bet is to stay away mother fucker its just one of those
okie now that i got that outa me i got dumped
last night by mike.. i really loved him.. but he loves his
ex more.. he says its not that but he misses her he
could have just given us a chance... she treated him like
dirt he deserves better and i though i was giving it to
him but aperently not... ::sigh::

carls happy about it all... i can tell, and that
just hurts more.. ::sigh sigh sigh::

i drew two still lives today.. both had a knife..
to show my anger.. one the bear was kiling a tickty tock
and the other was just the bear with a knife cause he
rocked lol ... i have to go soon and eat diner..

i really like talking to mike.. doesn't he know
that... he acts like no one likes to talk to him.. i love
him... :sigh: i'm gonna shut up now.. i'm just getting
myself angered... but i love him.. its not fair...
nothings ever fair.. why did i have to move?? i just
want to crawl in the corner and cry some more ::kick:: i
am soo mad

my dads boss died last night. he was on vaca in nh
on a snow modiel.. and he crased or sumfin.. i wonder if
my dads gonna be outta a job.. i hope not.. we need the
money... ::sigh:: i hate my life

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