christy hart

harts of st. louis
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2002-11-24 21:22:31 (UTC)

New Diary

Well, I think this might force me to write on a more
regular basis, particularly now when I can tell folks where
to read about what we are up to.

The big move to St. Louis takes place on December 4th, give
or take a day. Most of our stuff is packed. We are trying
to sell the washer/dryer, the couch and chair and find a
home for Zorro. A woman turned him down today when I told
her that he was not a cat you can pick up and hug.

The continuing source of worry for me is Luke and school.
His exams are 20% of his grade for the semester. These
details that you don't read at the beginning of the we have to find a place for him to stay for 8
days and fly him home. Which means I need to make sure he
gets a photo id.

I am getting more excited about the move every day. It
will be nice to be close to my sister. I like our new
apartment. I am looking forward to the job. But I am
concerned about the school situation. Ugh. Some folks
would choose not to move with a tenth grader in the middle
of the year, but it was impossible to choose otherwise.
Life here just isn't working for us.

Now it is saying goodbye to my friends. I have reached the
last week of goodbyes and I sense that I just want to go
rather than rehash it several times over meals. The
old "I'm outta here..." feeling.

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