The days of my life
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2001-08-21 11:34:33 (UTC)


Well, lucky for me I am getting my roomate's flu that I do
not have time to have. I have had about three hours of
sleep and now I am awake and feel really yucky. yea!!!! oh
well, I started my new job yesterday and I have to go back
today. It is going to be interesting. It is a really busy
place, so that is going to take some getting used to. The
raise will be nice and I know that things are going to work
out just fine. The people are great and in time I think I
will make some new friends.
As far as life with Dave goes, his car broke down
yesterday. Not a good thing really. Plus he is putting his
guitars up for auction. He just started with the first one
last night. The whole idea makes me sick, he loves those
guitars and I don't want to see them go. Especially when I
have the money that he needs. If he could handle being a
couple with me, I wouldn't mind taking care of the rent and
stuff, as long as he was working. I mean at least then I
would be supporting my possible husband, not some jerky
guy. I mean, I know he is trying. He makes a lot of
exscuses, but he is trying. I don't honestly know how long
it will take for this to pass for him, if it ever does, but
there is nothing sadder than a guitar player without a
well, anyway, I am going to try and get some sleep again. I
just don't feel really well, and I don't want to worry
about Dave anymore. night,- Erin