Wandering Thoughts
2001-08-21 09:55:32 (UTC)

August 20th 2001

Ok... first let me tell you a little about myself. My name
is Danielle and I live in California. I will be moving to
MA on the 29th of this month to start school at Boston
University. I have a boyfriend named Brian (I'm sure you
will be hearing lots about him). I love him with all my
heart. My parents are recently seperated and I have a
younger sister. I'm going to start out the journal
probably just with a weird quote which will describe how
I'm feeling and a picture if I can figure out how to insert
them. LOL I'm kinda computer illiterate. Well... here
goes. If you have any questions feel free to email me at:
[email protected]

"I ain't gettin' mad, Joker. I been mad all my natural

Today was a pretty boring day. I woke up around noon to
the sound of my sister leaving. I had the whole house wo
myself, which was pretty nice since it was so damn hot. It
gave me the opportunity to walk around in underware and a t-
shirt. I went online from when i woke up until 5:30, which
was when Brian woke up. In between Instant Messages from
random wackos I packed for school. I can't believe I leave
so soon. In one week and 2 days. Wowzers. I've never
been out on my own before and I'm really nervous about
everything, Brian, being alone, first time at college, and
all the other petty things. I have been doing a lot of
thinking and I'm starting to regret moving so far from
home. At first it seemed like a good idea, getting away
from the folks and all.... but now that I look back I'm
going to be missing so much. I know the original reason I
decided to leave was that I was running away. Now that
I've got Brian, I want to stay as close to home as
possible. Who knows... maybe after a year I will hate it
there and have to come back. Brian and I went out to
dinner with his family, it was very nice. We ate pizza and
got coffee at starbucks afterwards. Nothing much else
interesting happened. As Brian and I were leaving his mom
came and gave me a hug because of an email I had sent her.
It made me feel good and like she was accepting me, as part
of the family or something. I have so much to talk about
that area... but I think we will save that for a later
day. :) When I got home I found an nasty note on my bed
from my dad. Growl. What else is new?? We haven't gotten
along since the day i was born. I'm sure you won't be
hearing much about him, since I am moving soon. That is
one reason I am glad to be outta here. I hate him more
than anything in the world. And I'm the one to always say
that hate is a strong word. Well... I hate him. A lots!
I suppose that's all I gots to say about that.