~*life sucks*~
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2002-11-24 19:43:18 (UTC)

I HATE HighSchool

omg h/s sucks i just want to die sometimes. All my friends
have so many damn problems and so do i. My mom is always
wondering why my stomach hurts its b/c of skewl. People are
changing some people are doing drugs some people drop out
i'm so mixed up and comfused. We have so much work to do
and so many tests it like if u get one bad grade your
screwed the rest of the trister.Most guys are assholes
there all horny lil bastards. lol. Have u noticed that
junior high was so much fun and so easy it was so awesome
then i get here and i just want to go home i used to rather
go to skewl to get aways from home not anymore i wanna
leave skewl before i'm even there o well in two days its
thanksgiving break so i'll be out for 5 days HELL YA.