Living Is a Hard Thing To Do
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2002-11-24 18:18:33 (UTC)


Matt said this to me the other night: "wow...i never
thought that i would find someone like one else i
know can make me laugh like u do..and u have the sweetest
smile of anyone ive ever meet...until i met u i never knew
if i could ever know what love is but once i met u
everything changed and i knew that u were different..i
wasnt sure how but i just knew."
I never knew anyone could even think that about me.
Last night, me and miss erica and mr matt and mr john went
to the park and mr. john asked erica if she wanted to drive
his car..and he was being serious..and then fer some
crazzzy reason, matt let me drive his sunfire. It was the
oddest thing ever. The only person who's driven it, other
than him was his dad when he brought it home. I was very
very happy.
We got in some arguments, but it turned out all right. oh
well..i get to see him makes me happy..hehe.
bye bye

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