The Chronicles of My Life
2002-11-24 17:44:33 (UTC)

Wild are in 2nd place. That s..

Wild are in 2nd place. That's awesome. Dallas is only
ahead by 1 point. Gaborik got a hat trick again last
night. He is doing extremely awesome this year. He's
leading the NHL in goals. Gotta love it. I played JV on
Friday night. We got slaughtered, but so did the varsity.
Pretty much the whole second period was one big penalty
kill. That's where we gave up most of their 7 goals. At
least we scored one. The varsity coach said I did awesome,
so that's promising. I talked to Krystal for a while after
the game. That was cool. Shoveled dirt most of the day
yesterday. That wasn't cool. I stayed up extremely later
last night reading the bible. It was good though. Not too
much else. UNtil Later

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