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2001-08-21 07:27:51 (UTC)

I duNNo what tah do...

I duNNo what tah do guys...Have u girls ever went out wid
da sayme guy 3 times, and out of thoese 3 times...he's
dumped u twice? And he came back sayin' dat he misses you
and he doesn't know why...? I'm in dat situation and
like...I FAWKIN' HATE IT MAYN! I've liked him ever since da
miDDle of da year and I never reaLLy got over him. ::Sigh::
It's just that...he said he's goNNa ask me out AGAIN!!! and
I don't know what tah say...I feel's just
goNNa brake it oFF again. I know we won't last and I know
it just wiLL never work out. But I want it to sOoOoOoO bad.
How can I be so stressed out about this? DoOodE...As FuNkEy
as this can get, like...5 min. ago, one of mai gOOd friends
just told me that she kinda liked him. But now she's sayin'
dat she doesn't, and dat she don't like n e whun for da
time bein' and aLL. But I'd stiLL fEEl reaLLy bad tho If I
went out wid him fer da 4th time. ::sigh:: Gorsh...How can
someone play wid ur heart that much?
GuYz NeVeR GiVe ThEiR heaRtz aWaY..ThEy pLaY
Us gyRLz feR fOoLz..ThEy waiT tiLL we giVe oUr hearTz aWaY..
en theN they pLaY iT kOoL...gOOd NiGhT gUyS