2001-08-21 07:09:25 (UTC)

Hi dOOdes!

Hi dOOdes! Dis Be ***LoRa*** uMmMmM...whoa dis be mie veri
1st time writing in muh veri own diary! ^_^ Haha. Well, I
waNNa start out bai sayin' GOOdneSS gracious...Drama Be
Funkey huh? I mean ish aLL gOOd, but tOO much buGGs huh?
Because aLL mai friends are like...sad/mad/funkey because
of it. I wish everything could be perfect so that we would
have n e worries...::Sigh:: DoOoOde, pPl these
days ::Shakin'head:: How do we live in such a hated world?
So much racism, so much hate...GrRrRrR it just piSSes me of
mayn!!! N e way...(Off da subject that makes me SUPER mad).
Have u ever had the most coolest best friend in the whole
wide world that was ALWAYS there fer u no matter what?
WeLL, I have one exactly like that...and she's moving away.
She's goNNa move at the end of this up-coming schOOl year
but I can't help but fEEl so bad u know? I mean...I'm goNNa
miSS dat chic sOoOoOoO much! :O*( Her name be SuNNi. Hehe.
I remember da first time we saw eachother we just FawkIn'
hated eachother!!! But now we're like sister's
dOOde. ::Sigh:: Now I feel like I'm losing mai own sister.
I lost one before, and I REALLY don't waNNa lose another.
Gosh...Haha. I duNNo why I'm writing about this...I gueSS
I'ma miSS her lots...who knows? There's nothin' worse than
losing a friend...because a friend is nothing more then
family. Good Night Everyone.