2001-08-21 06:46:31 (UTC)


I hav no life

I've been sitting around watching movies for the past few
days and will soon be getting an illegal satellite so i can
watch more! yay.

Seems like there's nothing to do in this city anymore, or
maybe i'm just too old. All our old haunts are filled with
young people fresh outta diapers and the things that used
to be fun aren't so fun anymore.

Seems like i just wanna slow everything down and stay home
now. I'm not that old am i? 23 and there's nothing to do.

I've been contemplating moving away to try and find a job
as the job market isn't that hot. Maybe that'll just start
my life.

I think i've always been someone whose had a hard time
staying interested in anything for too long. It seems now
i'm just a person with no interests at all.

I don't even know what i like doing now...i'm clueless