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2002-11-24 15:35:22 (UTC)

Reading, Coughing and More

I haven't been keeping up with my journal (again). Here
are the books I've finished reading that haven't been
301 Country Christmas Blocks by Cheri Saffiote (NF)
The Best of Black Mountain Quilts by Terri
Christopherson (NF)

I'm also re-reading Linda Barnes' Cold Case which I've
almost finished as well as the short stories in the latest
issue of Ellery Queen Magazine (which I get from the

I'm now working on three little quilts. One is an
appliqued Rose Wreath, one a log cabin and one a variable
star. All three are Christmas oriented type quilts and I
hope to finish all three before the holidays--which are
almost upon us. It's only a bit more than a month until

The only remnant of my cold now is the cough. It's been
three weeks since I came down sick. Not fun. Not fun at

John's mother is still trying to figure out Thanksgiving.
We are going to eat at The Vault, a small restaurant in a
small town and if she hasn't already made reservations it's
probably already too late. OR she's going to order the meal
from Safeway which may not work as they are scheduled to go
on strike beginning today. OR --and I threw this one into
the mix--I offered to do Thanksgiving at their house for
everyone. Well, I'm going to have to do it anyway for my
own family if not on Thanksgiving then sometime on the week-
end and there will be enough food for 10 people no matter
if I make it here or there so why not? Hopefully we'll
hear what she decides soon. Plans need to be made

I spent about an hour talking to Bill Graves on Friday.
He's the education reporter from the Oregonian. We talked
about the state of the state and the state of the schools
for an article he's working on. The short version is that
neither are in very good shape.

I received a *Get Well Soon* card from my friends at Meals
on Wheels in yesterday's mail. I also received a note from
the Sunday School teacher Jack had when he was little. She
enclosed a Christmas card he'd made for her when he was 8
or 9 and wrote *I have often diplayed it but I thought as I
am now 86 that it would be nice for you to keep it in
memory of a fine little boy.* I mailed her a note thanking
her for her thoughtfulness.

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