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2001-08-21 05:53:36 (UTC)

HS(finally!....or :(?? )

good news!! im not least not yet

so anyways im finally starting high school next week. i
mean im all hyped n shit cause clothes and boyys(HOT ones)
but i have a jelousy other words i get jelous
sooooo easily. this year i was recommended for honors
english and whether i got in or not depended on my sat
scores and i did good overall so why am i in college prep?
~? and my best friend the overall "best person in the
frrieking world" compared to me (i mean good grades pretty
good fam life i mean she is wealthy n everything but bad
social probs but stil!!)and for once i thought i was gonna
finally shine just a little over her superiorness but no
she got in honors. and to make things worse (cause i mean i
can get over this in like 2secs)but my ex just plain doesnt
talk to me anymore...hmmm maybe well have some classes
together and make things a lil betta.....not that itll
matter cause i bet ill be over him after the first day(yaya
you know what i mean!mmmm seniors!)ha!im sooooo scared
thatll ill do bad in hs. i mean i need to do reallyreally
good cause i NEED a scholarship. just a teeny weeny bit! oh
well im just gonna have to work my hardest ever and im even
ready to totally cut myself off from the internet and phone
and tv just to do the best i can.....pathetic maybe but i
really want to do good! its really important to me now. i
mean grade school you can do shit and be ok but now its
serious....i mean its your future! your i dont
know what ill do. but anyways!! keep sending me feedback!!
its soooo helpful!