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life of a porn star
2002-11-24 04:37:50 (UTC)

wow its been soo long since ive..

wow its been soo long since ive written. yeah life is
still good. i have to admitt things suck today but other
than that...
like 2 weeks ago i went clubbing with steph and i made
out with this really hot guy aaron. and i met these two
other guys. so ive been hanging out with her lately. emily
has been so annoying lately. steph bitched her out
yesterday and she got all upset so i apologized to her but
i still dont like her but then i dont really like steph
either. me and maggie were dating but we broke up which is
ok bc im not gay. lol. but im sad because we dont really
talk anymore and she is always with jackie all of a
sudden. so w/e. but i wish she would let things be the way
they were before bc i stil love her like a sister.
then there is brian. i found out like weeks ago that
he has a gf. i was really sad but i got over it and i like
him as a friend still but i still wanna jump him. then on
monday he actually talked about her in class and i got
upset but i dont think he noticed so thats good. but he
has been really nice this week so mabey he did. but
tuesday we talked for like and hour in drawing. i was
telling him all of my stories of why im so weird and he
laughed a lot. so we totally bonded and everyone was so
proud of me for having the balls to talk to him like that.
then we had integrated hour at rockwell hall where we had
to go to a lecture by some nun who wrote dead man walking.
steph sat next to h im and we talked beforehand. i found
out that he works at home depot as a cart boy lol. then
she asked him if he wants to come to spot on monday and he
said he would. so i was happy. then tuesday mornign i was
afraid thathe forgot about our previous bonding nut he
gave me a big smile when i said good morning. then he was
teasing me bc he thinks we are obsessed with peenis size-
then during the three hour break steph and jess ran into
him and they brought him upstairs and he had lunch with
us. and this kid was so funny. he was kinda quiet at first
too. then we went to drawing and we didnt talk all that
much bc he had his headpines on and we actualy worked. hmm
there is a thought. the semester willbe over in two weeks
and i have sooo much work to do its not even funny. i hope
i dont end up crazy again.