Chapter One: The Evil Within
2001-08-21 05:36:16 (UTC)


My willy-poof loves me! I was cold, so he gave me an on-
line blanky type thing, so i cuddled with it, so he gave me
an on-line teddy type thing, and i was so happy, but then i
realized i wanted a really teddy, and i dont have one, so
he said he would buy me one, i think mainly cause he takes
pity on me while i am in my state of non-teddynessity. he
still loves me, will is the greatest cause he cares and we
can talk aobut practically anything, kinda like me and
matt, but different! Gosh i love contradicting myself! woo
hoo, tomorrow i get to hang out with anthony! yay!
okay, this may sound pathetic, but i seriously cant wait
till school starts. but then i can, i chose this awsome
skirt that i want, but it is really expensive! But its so
pretty and vintage like, its cool, and i think i am going
to ask for it for my b-day, which happens to be in 19 days!
yay! i am also going to ask for my permit! dont ask, long
story! okay well i will end today with eeeeeeeeeeeep and
god night!