Electric monkey
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2001-08-21 05:26:11 (UTC)

8-20-01 [last day to be free]

today was nice.
went down to annas house and watched Fantasia and at the
same time listened to Siamese Dream by the smashing
pumpkins. it worked out really well. went together better
then expected.
then we all [jessica, graham, anna, me] went to eat dinner
at cafe pizzaria. yummy. only the waiter confused us by
bring out the food in MASSIVE amounts.. he shoved all our
food together into one. it was weird. so everyones fries
were in one big basket. kinda strange. hehe. so after that
we didnt have anything to do as usual. so we ended up
walking around downtown. i saw mike and paco, which i hadnt
seen in forever. =) yay.
too bad school is starting, on wednesday. shit i dont want
to go back at all. its terrible that i dont want to. that
makes it even worse. but it will give me something more to
do then just sit around. so that might be nice. i dunno.
So now i think im going to go.

ps- last day of freedom/summer tomorrow!!!!!!! =(

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