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2002-11-24 03:02:30 (UTC)



A long glance, gazing into each others eyes
feeling the fire that burns between the two
A kiss so saught out but needing to wait
Patience is getting harder to hold on to
Feel that flame glow inside
Feel that passion rise from within
Look into his eyes and see his soul
Feel his arms and fall hopelessly weak inside
Trembling we touch
Look into her eyes see all there is to see
Feel her hands wrapped so tight around me
Trembling we touch
The fire is so strong, wont fight it any longer
We kiss.
The desire burns from within, losing all site of reality
Two souls combining as one, like a fire with full flame
The rush of adrenaline pours from within
Each breath taken as one
Each moment felt as one
Chills rushing up and down your spine
This desire I speak of can only be felt when your lips
Touch Mine.


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