The Life and Troubles of an Orange Peel!
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2001-08-21 03:48:59 (UTC)

All..Alone...yup that is what i am...

Ok....I am alone..(thats why the title it the way it is?!)
yah ok...I wish i could find/have a boyfriend..,but who the
hell would wanna go out with me?!..I mean really?..I
wouldnt want to go out with me?!...I am soooo Jealous of
ALL my friends..I mean look at all of them they are soo
happy and they have someone or they could get someone if
they wantesd to.I wont mention names b/c that would just
put me deeper into a depression type of
hate my life..i mean i know that there are others out there
that would like do anything for my life and stuff...but
still i hate my life..or atleast most of it....Oh well i am
realy tired so i am gonna go to sleep now