Exposing My Dystopia
2001-08-21 03:23:38 (UTC)

jus sum poetry

Just To Taste You

sipping at you
trying to taste love
you're sweet on my tongue
you taste like me
when i was young
just perfect and new
innocent and sweet
perfectly delicious
an even luscious
this sensation of you
i could never let go
im addicted to you
and desire more


Happiness Is High

you now how everyone says it should be?
just look its deep in you, yet it shows in me
this is happiness, or so i tell you

lets drug these emotions, show them how i felt
when i was unloved, and so left out
look, please look and see
but its complicated, it even perplexes me

trying to rid myself of this mask
why do i do this to myself, you ask

oh but this is happiness you see
remember? its how its supposed to be
its growing on you, and already has ruined me


All I Can Do

feeling like im not
wishing it was so
losing all im worth
what is there to show?
nothing left of how i was
nothing makes sense
not sure what does
drugged but now im spent
save me from this misery
wish for what ive found
now your mine
and im confound
as to why im down
why im begging to die
all i can do is cry
and lick at these salty tears


The Process Of Heartbreak

was it merely lust, like you say
i thought it was love we shared
what lies you told, im so confused
i believed you actually cared

wont you just go away
and leave me how id like to stay
wounded, scarred, almost forgotten
let me be, ill soon grow rotten

piece by piece, oh im so broken
because of feelings left unspoken

its over now
obliterate hurt
you left, somehow
dignity subvert

much emotion, can i stop shaking
due to feeling my heart breaking