2001-08-21 03:16:51 (UTC)

the memories

Hey i was packing up my roomat my dads house and i thought
of all the memories and well here is a poem that i wrote!!..

All the memories we had together,
packed in a lil box forever.
Volley balls and Basket balls,
Pictures taken off the walls.

All the memories we share,
Now i know u really do care.
I just want to start crying,
It's so emotional and im not lyin.

You were there for my 1st day of school,
And when i acted like a fool.
But now im moving to a diferent state,
You prolly wont even be there for my 1st date.

Daddy ill love you forever,
Why cant we just stay together?
Things will never be the same,
But its not you to blame.
~Amanda Koiner~ 01'

wells i gots to go
luv ya trish ashley ashley daddy mom and westin
I LOVE YOU GRANT!!!....ok so what i like you!!!