Exposing My Dystopia
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2001-08-21 03:09:13 (UTC)

new diary eh, lets see if i actually keep this updated.

yea. toes are good. thatz my motto. dan's motto iz
shit happenz, wut a screwed up boy. pppft. yea. sum people
are fucked up like that. me for instance. im kinda strange.
i think. or maybe wut i do is normal. o well. im jus a
confused lil girl, not sure where i belong. im so in love
with someone though, but i kant have him right now. i must
say it sucks. being lonely just sucks. thatz why im lookin
forward to skewl, to seein all my friendz and meetin new
people. bein out in the world, jus bein myself. maybe thatz
a bad idea, maybe no one will like me. but it takez too
much energy to act. i would know.
i cant exactly say im proud of who ive become over
these 14 years. but i cant just stop being me, like i said.
italian soda doesnt take like ass... i dont care what
you say.
ok.... so since i have nufin else to write about, lets
talk about thingz ally likez, and thingz ally duznt like.
shall we?

guyz mmm (kauser in particular)
ice popz
pink nail polish
jelly bracelets
people that dont suck
spiked collars
comfy sweatshirts
dickies pants!!!
my pritty pritty bak pak
best friend like becca

peein on treez
rice that breaks
the dark (eek)
bein alone
this pos digital camera
people that suck
the guy thats stalking me
my family
that ugly bland off white color

well, thatz all ive got for likes and dislikes for now. o
yea. and i wuz born on june 17th 1987. so right now im 14.
ima be a freshman. annnd. yea. thatz it for now. ill try to
keep this updated so people kan read wut i think. ok. bye.
much love.
X0X0 (huggz n kissez)