worthless lil painslut

my submissive life
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2001-08-21 02:59:47 (UTC)

My Day of Punishment

As i have been a very bad sub to my dear Dom, my guilt has
led me to write the following. This is how i would redeem
myself in His eyes. This suffering would be my only way of
fulling saying i'm sorry....

As i prepare for bed the night before my day of punishment,
i do the following: i take my panties from the day and
stuff them deep into my pussy, my ankles and knees are tied
firmly together, i drink 6 tall glasses of water, and gag
myself with a bandana.

At 9am i awake and immediately feel the urge to pee. But i
do not. Not allowed to untie myself (except for the gag) i
slither into the kitchen for breakfast. A bowl is too good
for this worthless lying slut so i dump some cereal onto
the floor and lick it up. Now i slither to the bathroom
where i untie myself and sit facing a clock on the toilet.
For 30 minutes i am to sit thus but not relieve myself.
For every minute under 30 that i go i must deliever 10
swats to my bear pussy with my hard plastic stirring
spoon. Furthermore, i cannot wipe myself afterwards with
toilet-paper but must put on my panties (formerly in my
pussy) directly. From this moment on i must drink one tall
glass of water (or any other liquid) every 15 minutes and
cannot use the bathroom at all.

My Dom if fond of my crawling for him so my next job is to
attach my hanger to my nipples and with a length of rope
attach two full soda cans to my breasts such that they drag
behind me while i crawls. i crawl for 50 laps around my
apartment dragging the cans from my stretched out tits
stoping only to kiss the kitchen floor on every lap and
drink my glass of water every 15 minutes.

As my usual spankings were obviously not doing good enough
i am to now spank my ass with the handle-end of my hard
plastic spoon, 50 lashes each cheek. Then i drink 2 glass
of water and go stand in the corner for 30 minutes like the
naughty little girl i am. Wanting to punish my ass even
more for my dear Dom i find a rough object larger than i
have ever inserted into my ass before, like a broom handle
and fuck my ass with it for 15 minutes. Drinking another
several cups of water i enter my closet. Kneeling before a
full length mirror i begin my devoted humiliation. With
red lipstick i write "Sir's Cunt" above my pussy with
arrows pointing down, "worthless" across my
tits, "painslut" across my stomache, "bitch" across my
forehead, and "whore" on each of my inner thighs. Then i
fashion a horse-bit gag with my same pastic spoon and
attach it tightly behind my head. i stuff my panties back
into my pussy, place my hands behind my head and stare at
my miserable self in the mirror for 30 minutes, amusing
myself only by making my slutty tits bounce up and down.

Time for some much needed teasing. As i have cum several
times without permission i must learn to be deprived of
that right. First i drink several more glasses, then i lay
on my cold hard wood floors and wear my panties as usual.
Over my panties i begin to play with myself being sure to
stay very aroused and wet but not to the point of orgasm.
After one hour of cruel frustration i stop. Needing to pee
very badly now i must spank my ass 100 more times with my
hairbrush first. Then i remove my raunchy panties and
place them into my mouth and suck them dry, this is my only
lunch. In the bathroom i top off my gallon jug of urine.
It is now full and time to be used. Stepping into the
shower i slowly pour the gallon of piss all over my head,
face, and body - my tits, stomache, back, ass, arms, legs.
It smell awful, i am miserable. i lie in the tub bathing
in my own piss, only now can i masturbate and cum for you.
Only like this am i deserving. Finally i am allowed to
wash off, only using cold water.

Drying off, i take a hand towel and use the end of my
toothbrush to push it deep into my pussy. Slowly i pull it
out feeling scrap along my insides. Inserting it again i
pull it out in one fast motion this time, jumping at the
sensation. This process i repeat 50 times, slow then fast
until i feel raw inside. Feeling quite cold still i take a
candle and begin to drop hot wax onto my tits, stomache,
pussy, and thighs. When i am almost covered, i stop and
take an ice cube to tease my nipples and cunt. When it is
melted, it is time for another 50 laps on my knees dragging
my soda cans and while wearing my horse-bit gag.

i go find my damp panties and place them on again, this time pulling
them up far between my pussy lips and ass cheeks. i feel them
cutting into me, it hurts, i pull harder. My outer pussy lips
exposed i take several clothspins and attach them to my lips. Not
wanted to neglect my ass, i take my plastic handle again and whip my
ass with it another 100 times. i then sit with my ass on my hard
floors, feeling my undies cutting into my even more and with my ass
on fire. Using the wide end of the spoon i begin beating my tits and
thighs with it while i look into my mirror, seeing what a worthless
painslut i am. After a while i tie my ankles to the wide legs of my
coffee table, place a thick ball of socks into my mouth as a gag this
time, tie my tits painfully between two long rods so that they are
crushed like in a vise, i begin whipping my stomache with a belt
until it is bright red. i am crying now, out of pain, humiliation,
and guilt at having been such a poor sub to you.

i crawl to my computer to email you about my day of suffering. i
thank you for allowing me to unload my burden on you and ease my
conscience. You say i have done well but you will not chat with me
until tomorrow. Tonight i am to sleep exactly as i did last night.
i thank you again, hope i have pleased you, and log off.