Sweet Child

Sweet Life
2001-08-21 02:57:17 (UTC)

I challenge you!

Say you sent an email to an answer person. This person
had all the answers. Your question was,'What is love?' What
answer would you expect? What do you think this person will
say? Huh? Well I know exactly what they would say. I
already know that answer. I've done it before & they gave
me an answer. I know. Do you want me to tell you? I'll tell
you exactly what they told me. It will blow you away. It is
the answer to all your problems. Just kidding. Heck like I
know. Heck like they know. Well if you were that person,
what would YOU say? Well I would say it's a feeling. A
feeling that you have for someone. Here let me look it up
in the dictionary for you.
Love-okay nevermind. It's too long. But let me tell you
basically what it says it says blah blah blah, blah blah
blah blah. That's all I got out of it. That's all it
sounded like. Is love just blah? NO! I want to challenge
you. If you think you can give me any type of answer give
it to me. I want to know. Tell me what you think love
really is. Or what it is to you. Just reply to me & tell me.
I'd really LOVE to hear what you think it is. Well thank
you. Good bye now. By the way the time is 8:04 pm pacific

-Love's Lost Child

P.S. if you're thinking I should tell YOU considering I am
Love's Lost Child then you're probably right. I should
know. And may be I do. And may be I'm not suppose to tell
you. Well I guess you'll never know now will you? Good