Visions Of Life
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2002-11-23 22:38:19 (UTC)

What an interesting day.....

What an interesting day...

Spend the afternoon with my stepdad and brother. Went for a
walk in the park and had lunch.

There was one incident that i found hysterical. My mom made
me read Tyler this book with musical buttons. I think it
was a sing-a-long book but i dont sing. Anyways, he wanted
me to read it again so i told him to have the kitty read it
to him. I assumed he would tell me I was silly but instead
he started tracking the cat yelling, "Kitty! Read!" The cat
is running from him and he is crawling after her. Finally,
while im laughing, he sits under the table, puts on a
pilgrim hat, grabs a clicker sound thing and starts singing
and dancing under the table. It was so cute! Im just
amused that he chased the cat around with a book. I had
fun tho. Every day when im driving home i have hope that
everything will be alright. Then i come home, cry and feel
hopeless. Its an everyday event.

Quite honestly, I am not doing well. I havnt cut in a long
time. There is a 60-40 chance that i will cut tonight. I
really dont want to but i dont know what else to do.

I do have an idea for a childrens story that i want to
write for my brother. I have shopping to do. I have a book
to read. A movie to watch. My mood is cycling but it isnt
my fault. I just want to be left alone.