Dude, i'm bored
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2002-11-23 22:29:06 (UTC)

its saturday night and i got nothin to do

hey, its my first entry to my diary. what the f**k do i say?
ok i'll introduce myself.
my name is Martin, i'm 17 from the UK (nottingham to be
exact), currently at college doin a national diploma in
electronics and computing and lovin every minute of it
(basically cos we hardly do any work), i am quite poor like
every other student in the world. I'm sure its one of the
laws of physics for every student to be poor? it has to
be?.but anyway back to me, i'm 6'3 and a bit tall, quite
stronge(well practically as strong as ryan so i guess thats
very strong :D), blue/green eyes, short brown hair, i have
a good personality, normally got a good sence of humour
when i'm happy and not bored, i tend to get very sarcastic
when bored. personally i think i'm quite mature for my age.
Definatly the most mature one out of all my friends. I know
someone who will agree with me their, isnt that right
steph? lol, and i'm single :( and have been since august.
At the moment i'm battling to get a job. i need money or
i'll never get through christmas :S. what annoys me the
most is that most shops round Nottingham town centre that
are advertising for jobs want people who have got work
experience, but unfortunitly for me i have non? well not
much, i did work at the Nottingham Forest football ground
servin food for about 5 months. It was a very dodgy job, i
just turned up one day and was workin within 20 mins of
arriving. i had no idea how to use a till or wrap burgers
or hot dogs up? but now i do and if any of you go there
DONT EAT ANY OF THE FOOD! you can trust me on this. some of
the burgers were re-heats from a couple of weeks ago and
generally dont taste very nice. undercooked pies and
hotdogs also another main feature of the place. and not to
mention that its a complete rip off, £1.30 for a medium
but enough about that place, i'm bored to death, have
nothin to do and there isnt anyone online to talk to :(
will someone save me from this madness plzzzzzzzzzzz
well that will do for tonight, probs be on here again tomz
if i'm not doin anything else.


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