Alexander Dickson

Silent Hill: Town of Unforgetable Memori
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2002-11-23 21:55:15 (UTC)

Up, down and all around

Yesterday (Friday 22nd) I ate a whole packet of Cadbury's
Shorties or something like that. A severe lapse in self
control but I was bloody well sure I was going to make me
suffer for it afterwards. Played DSPE for just over an
hour. And no poofy hising form the fast tracks either. It
was every song in the game. Some even twice. I just missed
out on achieveing the next level of power when it comes to
Dancing Stage. 1000 Calories in an hour. By the hour mark
I had 985 calories, so close, just one song out. Stopped
at 1200 or so since I had failed my target. Need to
improve myself even more. Then I can raise it to the next
stage of development.

Got drunk last night. First time since Ruth was up for
Christine's party. Was sick. I guess being sick once per
year isn't too bad really. Had a great sleep though.
Washed the dishes when I got up this morning.

I want to go home and get the gas cylinder for my air gun.
I want to shoot things and be happy.

Till next time space kittens!

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