venutian beauty
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2001-08-21 01:59:24 (UTC)

I only wanna feel how I feel when I'm with you

Okay so -- Class registration for my universidad has been
moved from Tuesday to Thursday. Which is GOOD because my
Jersey girlie Sam is coming on Tuesday -- so we can hang out
and on Wednesday, Brady asked me out on a date to see
Original Sin and I'm really excited about it because
its a great movie and Ive been trying to get closer to him
for a long time.He called me last night (or this morning)
around 12:30 to say good night because he had a good night.
I was soooooo happy. I felt like DANCING on CLOUDS - and I
did. Because he called me. Yay Yay Yay. Daniel is
supposed to come back TODAY - but did he call me to let me
know? NOOOOOO... why? who the hell knows? I wish he would
call me. Anywhoo -- I will write back soon.... adios amigos

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