kiss me, kill me, hold me, thrill me
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2002-11-23 20:17:26 (UTC)

He's not coming

He got drunk last night. Then he came home and we chatted
for a bit before he passed out. He was really out of it
and said some fun stuff. I was going to post our
conversation, but I've decided not to.

Talking to him right now he doesn't remember quite what he
said. He did apologize for some of it though. I didn't
take offence to any of it. I was in the mood to hear what
he was telling me. I saved the conversation as a file,
but I am not going to show him either. I'd rather keep it
to myself.

Also he told me he has a 7 inch dick and I don't know if
he would have told me if he wasn't drunk. He doesn't run
around yelling from the rooftops about it so I'll keep it
to myself.

The rest of what he said was about wanting me badly and
eating me out. He said he wanted me even when not drunk,
but didn't have the balls to tell me. I was infact very
flattered by that. I had maybe 3 shots worth in me. Not
much, but enough to feel warm, fuzzy and quite happy.

This morning I woke up kinda down and depressed feeling.
I think I must have had depressing dreams.

Dave went off to take a shower. When I get back from mine
he's offline. I hope he comes back. Even if he's not
coming over I do want to talk to him.

I am hoping he will be online tonight sh I can get drunk
while talking to him. It won't be the same as if he were
here, but oh well. It will have to do.

I am not going to let him get me down. I'm wearing the
same outfit I was going to wear if he was coming. I'm
going to get as drunk or drunker than if he were coming.

I'm going to make my coffee and breakfast just like any
other day and not think about it. I am cool with him not
coming since he only got 4 hours of sleep. He shouldn't
be driving on lack of sleep.

At least USA is doing a bunch of good movies. Right now
Never Been Kissed is on. Next is Clueless and then 10
Thing I Hate About You. I need the fun happy stuff
today. I am SO NOT feeling in that mood. I am feeling
down and out of it today.

I just spilled ground coffee on my pants. Now I have a
darker area. This sucks!

I hope Dave just went out for food. He is not online
again. I need someone to talk with right now.