lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-11-23 18:46:43 (UTC)


ahh life is good. i went to the mall with mal last night
(and britt for about fifteen minutes...haha) and it was
pretty darn fun. we tried on j-lo pants and were shaking
our butts in the was seriously hilarious but
now it just sounds lame. oh well. i liked it.

and then we went to the gap and were trying on winter
coats and scarves and man that was fun, too. then we
tried on about 10 things at abercrombie and 10 things
at robinson's...oh! and i got a cuuute disney princess t-
shirt at the disney store. it was sweet.

then i came home cuz my dad said i had to be in
early...weird kid. i started doing my laundry and turned
on the tv but then matt called and a few minutes later,
he stopped by my house. we were just standing
outside and stuff and then meghan came over and we
had a little party in her car. it was really funny. ahh...

and then i went to bed at about midnight and woke up
this morning at 10:30...that is totally what it's all about
there. i'm so glad i finally got some i need
to go eat....mmmm....